My name is Swadhin Ray.

Little info about me:

  • I work as Senior Technical Engineer, in Jersey City (US).
  • OLL’s Community Library Reviewer for Oracle Application Express to help worldwide Oracle technologist community!
  • I blog on few technical topics like Oracle, Python, R-Programming, Linux …and also have my articles which have been published by Experts-Exchange.com
  • I like to share as much as I know though my blogs i.e. slobaray.com , swadhinray.wordpress.com
  • I speak English, Hindi, Odia (My regional language)

My Family:

  • Lovely wife (Susmita) and cute daughter (Aaliya)
  • Key figure in my life : Rabindra Kumar Ray (Father) and Biplab Ray (Brother)
  • One light cannot be replaced or just no words for my mother (Late Ragini Ray).


  • Certified Oracle Database Wizard (Experts-Exchange).
  • Certified Databases Master (Experts-Exchange).
  • Certified Oracle Database Guru (Experts-Exchange).
  • Certified Oracle Database Master (Experts-Exchange).
  • Certified Python Scripting Language Master (Experts-Exchange).
  • Oracle (OCA).
  • Microsoft (MCP, MCSE, MCDBA ).
  • BE in Computer Science from BPUT.
  • Financial Risk Management from IIMB.

Contact me:

  • swadhinray@mail.com
  • slobaexpert@gmail.com

You can also reach me on Twitter or Linkedin
Learning is a never-ending process, so keep learning and share it with others … may be by doing this we can learn more from our mistake that can be caught by others…
Happy coding…

Swadhin Ray (Sloba)


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Swadhin,

    Great to see this article from you and feel proud that you are growing to your potential.
    Keep the guns high and rise!

  2. Hi , swadhin

    very thankful about your blog

    I like to know your email address I have one small issue about your scripts .

    Thank you

  3. Hi Swadhin,
    Great post.I have a similar req of one of your posts of loading from file to staging and then to main table using proc.
    Can i have you email address so that i can contact you.

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