ORA-01950: no privileges on tablespace ‘USERS’

In this blog let us we will see how to solve ORA-01950.

This error occurs if a user doesn’t have the quota to the right tablespace, in my case my user doesn’t have the access to “USERS” Tablespace.

To fix this issue we can grant the unlimited quote to the user or grant-specific size of the tablespace that can be utilized by the schema. It’s good to always create specific tablespaces and associate it with any new schema created on the database, we might think why there are many scenarios where maintenance.

I am going to give unlimted quote as this is sample database, but in real world better to allocate speifci size required :

ALTER USER <user> QUOTA UNLIMITED on <tablespace name>;

OR use like below

ALTER USER <user> QUOTA 300M on <tablespace name>;

After granting let us try the insert.

Thank you for reading my blog, please feel free to leave me some feedback or to suggest any future topics.

Looking forward to hearing from you – Swadhin Ray (Sloba) -( LinkedIn ) ( Twitter )

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