Tuples in Python

In this article, we will see what are Tuple and how we use them in Python programming.



Tuples are one of the built-in types of sequences out of six and just like lists. There is another article published on how to use Lists in Python. We want to store the values for the rest of our program then we can use Tuples.  Now for an example, if we want to store the name of some category of any Test plan when comes to compliance like “Audit, SOX, Risk Management or ORM” for continuing some program.

First, we need to declare a tuple and give it a name, the initial values will be used within parentheses “()”. All the values will be separated by a comma………continue reading from my original article that was published on Experts-Exchange.com and provides a basic explanation on how to use Tuples in Python programming language.


Thank you for reading my blog, the reference is taken from one of my article that was published by Experts-Exchange.

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