Execute Oracle SQL queries from Linux

Here is a very simple script which helps you to run Oracle SQL queries from Linux environment.

Many if them try to use PUTTY to access the Oracle server i.e. on Linux , so this script can be modified and can be utilized in many ways….

First save the below script as “test.sh” and save it to any of the path on your Linux server:

# Export your Oracle details as below
export ORACLE_BASE=/opt/app/oracle
export ORACLE_SID=<You Oracle SID>
# Here I am using Oracle 11.1.o version you can change it as per your database version
export ORACLE_HOME=$ORACLE_BASE/product/11.1.0

# Running a sql query on linux
# Here I trying to get the SYSDATE from Oracle you can change the query as per your need
l_var=$(sqlplus -S USER@$ORACLE_SID/password <<EOF
SELECT sysdate FROM dual;

# check if no records found or not
if [ -z "$l_var" ];
 echo "No rows returned from database"
 exit 0
 echo $l_var

The above code will connect to oracle database and run a SQL query to get the current sysdate of the server where it is located. You can change the code to check the time-stamp too .

Once you save this script then grant read and execute privileges to users if you want the same script to be executed by other linux users too.

To run the shell script type :



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